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Many years ago the maze of pathways around the Portage Bridge were designed with a number of landings, lookouts, or other flats spots. I once heard that these were for sculptures.

Trivia fans may recall that at the time of construction, the proposed site for the new National Art Gallery was between Archives and the Supreme Court. The building would both face Wellington Street and spill down the cliff and have another face towards the river, in an area of prime waterfront that is still just another parking lot. So having a sculpture walk makes some sense.

It may be 30 years late, but some artwork has finally appeared. There is an exhibit called EcoArt installed on a number of the concrete walls. They are photographs, enlarged and printed on some transfer material, and bonded to the concrete walls.

The images were used last winter along the Rideau Canal; and will be displayed in the Portage area until October.

3 thoughts on “Concrete images

  1. I biked by when they were applying them: I think they’re plastic sheets as they were using an industrial-sized hair-dryer device to shrink them onto the wall. I love having this bit of art there!

  2. Eric – The images aren’t 30 years late. That’s just how long it takes the NCC to make a decision on just about anything!

  3. Fake plastic trees stuck on brutalist bunkers. And branded “eco”.


    Ottawa has a lot going for it, but I think that this initiative is best ignored.

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