Colourful effort

It is a delight to see the new Bayview and Pimisi Stations taken more “user friendly” shape with the erection of steel framework for the passenger facilities.

The stations will signal to the wider community that rail transit is coming here much better than any posters or billboards could do.

Of course, locals know it is coming. Steel assembly, with lots of banging, continued at 7am Saturday!

I liked the colourful contrast of the red Otrain and the green crane booms.

One of the cranes was a really bright yellow, with green undertones. The shade is sometimes marketed as “anti-establishmint”.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the old transitway stations was the bright red tubing. One could see it from a considerable distance, and in unfamiliar neighbourhoods, was a reassuring signal that transit was available.

The new stations aren’t (yet) colourful. I suspect they won’t ever be. Although Parliament station apparently will have a colourful ceiling once you descend underground.

Up on the street, how far will that life-saver red O on a stick be visible? (despite the photoshop tourist thinking it is wonderfully photogenic):

Perhaps at non-downtown locations we could install more of these “locomotion” sculptures that signal ┬áthe Carleton U station. It is the best bit of identity graphics for the new LRT that I have seen, and it didn’t come from their consultants:

Still, I am an optimist.

Meanwhile, back at Bayview, here is the eastern entrance to/from Albert Street as it is today:

when finished, it will look something like this illustration:

I notice that on the most recent illustrations for the stations, they have these concrete benches that run across the walking desire line, whereas in previous versions they were on the perimeter. I suspect these concrete walls provide “crash protection” from those inclined to demonstrate their faith with automobile rampages. Notice also the rather plain dark accent stripes in the pavers. ┬áHere’s a livelier sidewalk version in Vancouver:

above: colourful, suitable for rainy Vancouver but probably too shocking for staid Ottawa

For those who concerned that the lower platform levels of Bayview Station will block the extension of the Trillium OTrain line over the Prince of Wales Bridge to Gatineau, here is the opening in the Confederation overpass to let the tracks extend to the railway bridge over the river:


2 thoughts on “Colourful effort

  1. Personally as an ageing male with failing sight, I grimace at the pastel happy young people in the vaguely ‘Man and His World’ crazy man architecture, but I do not mind the Pimisi name for what should be LeBreton. I generally hope I will live long enough to see it completed, also I would love to ride the train to Hull, or what do they call it ? Gatineau.

  2. Thanks for clarifying that there will still be an opening for rail access to the Prince of Wales bridge. I am making ‘rails into Gatineau (Hull & Aylmer & beyond)’ my retirement project

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