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This past year has been a busy one in our west side abode. One daughter got married. This necessitated a lot of preparation on the parents’ part. A significant chunk of this was watching wedding videos: My Big Fat, Mama Mia, etc.

I must confess that Mama Mia was the better choice (thank god, as it was screened numerous times). I also went off to the NAC to see it last fall, just in case the live show had additional hints for the parents that weren’t in the movie.

And this brings us to the CFNM promised in the title. No, it’s not the name of a new radio station. Clothed Female, Naked Male is an erotic activity. I thought Mama Mia, now playing in our neighborhood,  exemplified the practice, in a discrete for all ages sort of way.

All the women characters in the play are fully dressed. Even at the beach scenes. The bride in one scene is in a bathing suit, a very conservative one-piece. But the guys … bare torsos abound, and the male chorus wears tight trunks with short legs (no board shorts in either the play or the movie).

The successful ladies get to make fun of the hapless guys*. Rejection and humiliation abound. The ladies either proclaim they don’t need sex, or are on the prowl, cougars all. The only flash of anatomy is of a guy’s butt. It’s the sort of play that had the roles been reversed, with guys dressed and the  blondes dumb or undressed, would have been considered scandalously incorrect.

Actually, I have seen just that, and from videos borrowed from our Public Library no less. Purely for sociological research purposes, I borrowed The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew video series. I now recall why I much preferred reading the Nancy Drew books to the kids. Girls (never women) in the 1978 Hardly Boys series might just as well have been in 1878. They are told to stay in the van, to phone for help, or are otherwise excluded from the action. And they cheerfully acquiesce.

The roles assigned to the genders in the 1978 videos are just as one sided and sexist as in the 21st century ones (or in the live action at the NAC), it’s just that the dominant gender has changed.

If you want to catch some [sanitized] modern CFNM action in our downtown community, head off to the NAC for the rest of the Mama Mia run, or watch the video.


*I think the only guy in the movie that isn’t mocked or dominated is the piano player on the pier. There may be a reason for this: he wrote the songs (and provided the yacht).

One thought on “CFNM in Ottawa

  1. I LOVE the concept and spirit of CFNM events and am elated to have come across this page, seeing there are women in town who enjoy this dynamic as well. I live in Ottawa, and would be happy to provide this role for any such gathering you may have. If the women of your family and/or friends of theirs are holding any kind of party or event and would like to have a man attend who they can have strip naked for their fun or enjoyment, or to serve at such event, I will be happy to be the ‘NM’ for their event, to help make it more enjoyable for all.

    Me: tall, slender, clean, considerate, easy-going, good-humoured, educated guy who would love to make your event a lot more delightful or amusing.

    If you know of anyone holding any such event, feel free to contact me at Cheers!


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