Cape Cod Bike Trail, part iii

The Cape Cod Bike Trail has lots of signage, in several different formats.

In some places, mileage markers were painted on the path itself:

oct 2013 083


The original railroad used granite posts and sign markers, so they wouldn’t rot in the rainy climate. Many are still in place along the trail, and some of the new bike markers are in the same style. The marker below reminds you are on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, at mile 12, en route to Orleans:

oct 2013 121


There were also information maps and interpretative signage to get the most out of your sightseeing:

oct 2013 102

oct 2013 211 oct 2013 279


Other public signage showed facilities and directions:

oct 2013 196 oct 2013 198 oct 2013 120


Enough of signs: look at the scenery, the lakes and small beaches beckoning:


oct 2013 108 oct 2013 107 oct 2013 188 oct 2013 191


more tomorrow…