Bumpy stairs

The west side of downtown Ottawa has some pretty nifty streets. The above staircase connects the western part of Primrose with the eastern part. No cars, please. There is another staircase at Empress. Pooley’s Bridge, part of Fleet Street,  is another ped-only street. As is the link between Upper Lorne Place and (upper) Primrose.

The staircase recently became wrapped in yellow ribbon. Hallowe’en prank? No such luck. The City had abandonned a heavy concrete bollard near the top of the stairs for several years. Lawnmower crews mowed around it. Some energetic souls managed to roll it up a slight hill to the top of the staircase, and then roll it down the stairs.

The weight of the six hundred or so pounds of concrete landing on the treads snapped off the bolts that hold the steel treads to the steel stringers. Treads that bounce and spring at thirty degree angle to the other steps are not safe, and the whole stair is shut down until it can be repaired.

It is a popular stair, with lots of ped traffic day and night.

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  1. This is one of those quirky little secrets that only the locals know about. I am glad it is well used or the city would likely shut it down. Curious though if they close it in the winter?

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