Booth Street Freeway MAY yet get bike lanes

Information is trickling out of contacts at City Hall. They say the issue of how cyclists will be handled on the “freeway” section of the new Booth Street between Albert and Wellington has attracted the mayor’s office.

Not yet in a “how to fix it” mode, but in a “there’s a potential political problem out there”.

So the issue is being addressed by the political advisors, possibly with some input from city staff that knows how to engineer.

Or, with less potential for real change, by RTG staff which thus far has a pretty tin ear when it comes to people who cycle, people who walk, let alone people who walk to stations …

It’s not too late. If you agree that the current Booth Street design is too much like a Freeway and not enough like a street, then drop a note to the mayor right now. Tell him you want a complete street, or curbside cycling facilities, or you can even leave the solution unsuggested. Just tell him to fix it.

Here’s his email.     His twitter handle is @jimwatsonottawa



Because it is now a “political issue”, if the bad design doesn’t get fixed, it’s because not enough people cared enough to say they want a better street. You will live or die with the consequences.


4 thoughts on “Booth Street Freeway MAY yet get bike lanes

  1. Standard Operating BS (SOB) for Ottawa.

    Step one: Start construction of a key element of infrastructure, thus setting the physical parameters in concrete.

    Step two: Advise the other silos at Laurier Avenue of what the vision is, and invite those silos to adjust their own plans accordingly.

    Step three: Lecture the public on the concepts.

    Step four is optional. If, and only if, there is enough negative noise out there will the elected officials step in, but generally only to appear as if they are people who will take action, with any possible adjustment being sub-optimal, due to step 1, which is set in concrete.

    1. Hi Ron- Where are you taking the “Pessimism For The Urban Dweller” course? It’s like voting If you don’t say something now you can’t complain later.

      1. Glen, my comment was in reference to the process that has led us to the Booth Street bridge being designed and constructed without providing adequate space for safe bike lanes. I was not commenting on whether we should voice our discontent with the Mayor and Councillors.

        For the record:

        1. The dysfunctional process (per my SOB commentary) leads us to the most likely outcome – failure. By failing to take into account the needs of the community in the planning stage, the result is a failure to meet the needs of the community.

        2. Our elected officials have a long history of failing to address the underlying dysfunctional process. They only react after the damage is done, and only to the extent that they can claim that they tried to take action, but …

        3. Let your elected officials know that you are not only unhappy with the failure to take into account the needs of the users of the Booth Street overpass and nearby LRT station, and for that matter Zibi development, but also with the dysfunctional process that leads to so many failed outcomes.

        Finally, I prefer the term cynic to pessimist. Councillor Chiarelli, who hears from me regularly on matters that affect our community, will no doubt gladly confirm this.

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