Bike repair station

I noticed recently that Ottawa City Hall will be providing some sort of bike repair station at their nifty new bike parking facility. The one shown above is at my son’s university. They were to be found in numerous places around campus.

The bike can be lifted up by its seat and inserted into the bent metal pipes to hold the bike up off the pavement so the crank or wheel can be spun. The tools are all attached by a sturdy cable, and are supposed to be placed in the tray behind the red sign but obviously people prefer to let them all hang out. Look carefully to see the tire pump to the right in its own little armoured silo.

This looks like a very simple and easy to make device. Any local iron shop should be able to bang them out quickly.  I wonder if the City’s will be as simple and cost effective, or …

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  1. how do I find all the locations around the city to find a close one when I need a repair? Is there a list somewhere?

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