Big Easy Mural

The mural shown is on the side wall of a Preston Street restaurant called The Big Easy. While the mural implies there is a New Orleans-style building up the side street, there is only the Ottawa-Orleans -style big parking lot of a hardware store.

Sharp eyes might also notice a contender for the neighborhood’s narrowest sidewalk.

5 thoughts on “Big Easy Mural

  1. It’s beautiful, but would be a challenge to do on that bumpy retaining wall we were shown for the ‘Name that wall’ segment.
    That sidewalk is certainly ‘slim’, and they have to play dodge-em with the pole ( : >)=.

  2. It’s also a dangerous intersection for pedestrians. Notice how the stop line and the stop sign are both behind the building: no cars stop there. They pull into the crosswalk to be able to see traffic. If you’re walking south there and a car comes along – bang. I’ve learned to peek around that corner before crossing the street.

  3. Nice Mural. I wonder if the restaurant still has their bench for their smoking staff to sit on, that takes up most of that very narrow sidewalk?

  4. Eric, if you think that Preston Hardware’s Parking lot is big and suburban you don’t spend enough time in the suburbs. I work in a neighborhood that is 20% building and 80% parking lots (Kanata North) It’s worse if you go into the heart of Kanata and see places like Centrum, or the new big boxes on Hazeldean. Compare the parking lot at Preston Hardware to the parking lots at Home Depot or Lowe’s

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