Bayview Carling report

Recall that George Dark of Urban Strategies was employed by the City to accelerate the Bayview Carling CDP process, particularly for the Carling Avenue end of the neighborhood.

Recall also that community types were pretty unhappy with the process, seeing it as somewhat biased towards the proliferation of high rises. Of course, the developers were much happier. All this was covered in some detail in previous posts, such as the Charades post:

Here are two key diagrams, outcomes of his report, which the planning dept is recommending to Council: (double click to enlarge)

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9 thoughts on “Bayview Carling report

  1. I’m unhappy with this plan since according to the pictures they’ve decided to bulldoze my house. I guess they forgot that actual families currently live in the houses they’ve removed.

  2. Resolution is too low….I can’t read the legend. My house appears to be sandwiched between two other colours.

  3. Somehow I doubt the city will buy out private property to demolish a building and put in a park directly across the street from an existing park. ….. not staying I wouldn’t LIKE that, but, really?

  4. It looks like a whole lot of things are decided that are not good–the continuous roads on Young and Hickory, for example, as well as the full development of Juliana Park with high rises. I could go on but…

  5. Can not tell where my house is, bordered by high rises and mid rises. Odds are someone will be knocking on my door soon, to get me out of the neighbourhood.

  6. I’m still curious/perplexed/peeved that they no one is talking about air-rights over the O-train cut and ratcheting down the heights of adjacent areas. Seems a perfectly logical way to get everyone’s blood pressure back down to safe numbers…

    1. Simon,if you look at page four of the maps in the actual report, it shows both Hickory and Young as full mobility bridges. It then add pedestrian bridges on all the other blocks. I know that this year the Hickory st bridge is scheduled to go up as pedestrian/cycle. Young already is one of those. I don’t believe we need more car access to Preston Street.

  7. There is a largish greenspace shown on the site of the parking lot at NRCan. Is that just a wishful thinking to add some much-needed greenspace balance in the east? I was under the impression that the feds were going to build a twin dark tower in that parking lot.

    Any chance of higher resolution images? I can’t quite read the legends either and of course I’d like to see how close the unrestricted highrise area comes up to my property.

    I’m sad to see the 9-story zoning looming over the new multi-use pathway. The pathway is shady now, but somehow dappled shade from trees seems much nicer than concrete shade. And, is that actually a street running parallel? I was hoping at first glance that he had abandoned his car utopia and it was just the regular pathway and that the Young and Hickory bridges were the pedestrian/cyclist bridges they are supposed to be. Blerg.

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