As if sidewalk parking isn’t enough

Charles, a faithful reader and commenter, suggested that I take pictures of cars parking on sidewalks.

It’s amazing ! They almost always promptly stop their parking, and move off to the road or at least somewhere less obstructive and obnoxious. Proof they know they are breaking the rules and being disrespectful to their fellow citizens.

It would be a pretty boring blog if all these got posted.

But then, along came this one. Discontent with parking sideways on the courthouse driveway, she then drove down the sidewalk and exited the City Hall driveway. She had enough presence of mind to flash me a dirty look as I snapped the pic. No doubt it is the fault of the Laurier separated bike lane.

4 thoughts on “As if sidewalk parking isn’t enough

  1. Next time leave her a polite note about parking rules. I would wrap the note around a brick, and then place it in the windshield.

  2. Perhaps if city workers were more efficient in giving out tickets, there’s a good chance we would see a lot less of these ridiculous behaviors. Isn’t this why we’re paying taxes?

  3. I work in the Courthouse and walk west on Laurier every day to get there. That area with the two parking garage entrances and what is functionally two parallel sidewalks is a doozy! Always with the cars blocking something.

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