Another bike variation

The latest innovations in small electric motors has revolutionized e-bikes. I am particularly impressed by those e-bikes that offer pedal-assist (for hills, headwinds,  or worn-out riders). I am particularly unimpressed by e-bikes as just another way for lazy people to have a cheap motor-bike.

Nonetheless, when state-side a while ago I tried out these CAT SCOOTERS at a street fair. CAT stands for Compact Adult Tricycle, and that is exactly what it looks like, a slightly bizarre child-size tricycle with a very long seat post and extended handlebars. Retailing for just over $2000 they are much cheaper than the Segway, which was still-born right out of the gate when so many municipalities restricted their use. The CAT is being promoted as a mobility-assist device, so it doesn’t (yet) require any licence to use (like a motorized wheelchair).

It can be used standing up or sitting down. Accessories include little wagons — just like the one you had as a kid — to tow behind, with groceries, pets, or grandkids.

We live in a strange world when adults pay big bucks to ride kiddy-size trikes. I hear they are making a movie: Rambo Rides a Trike.

cat scooter 2 cat scooter