Aloha transport

 If you examine the above snap closer, you’ll see the cyclist has a surfboard on the rack attached to the side of his bike. On a parked bike, the rack looked like this:

However, most cyclists didn’t bother with a surfboard rack, they just cycled along with it under their arm. Yes, the surfboard was longer than their bike; and yes, Hawaii is a windy place.

It was also common to see kids about 12 years old with boogie boards on the bus going from school to the beach for a quick bit of surfing after math. Kids also get every second Friday off from school, as the state closes all schools to save by not paying teachers. Hawaii ranks 49th in education achievement despite spending 13th highest per student in the US. (California is also 49th or 50th, and spends in the top 10 — is there a correlation??). Cinemas, barber shops, ice cream parlours, McDonalds … all ran “Furlough Friday” specials.

And it wasn’t just kids with boogie boards on the buses, I also saw adults with six foot boards get on the bus — at rush hour!  Like some unreal scene out of a Hollywood movie, everyday you see bikini clad girls walking down the main street with a surfboard, or cycling by.

In this final shot, batgirl’s towel flies out behind her when batman zooms down the coastal highway.They have two surfboards on the scooter.  Yup, it was a real windy, gusty day too. Helmets are for mainlanders.