Aloha rack and roll

Every Hawaiian bus had a rack and roll bike rack on the front of it. Oahu, the island Honalulu and Waikiki are on, is all one big city, and city buses go all around the island including one circumnavigation route that takes four hours.

As shown, the bike racks carry THREE bikes at a time.

Inside the bus, there is an automated announcement system (audible and visual) that announces every stop, complete with landmarks. Consider an Ottawa bus annoucing “Kent Street… Minto Place, Minto Hotel, Constitution Square, Crowne Plaza Hotel, connection to route 12...”. These annoucements were really detailed on all routes; for example, at the University, it annouced which parking lots and which departments were being served.

Either at infrequent random times or when there had been few stop requests, the annoucement system would give general messages: report unusual things to the driver, for everyone’s safety … exit from the front door, and tell the bus driver if you are taking a bike off so everything will proceed safely … be polite and courteous to others to make everyone’s trip pleasant…types of things.