Aloha pedestrian priority

In the above pic from Hawaii, the road parallel to the beach is one way for motorists from right to left across the top of the picture. They can turn onto the one way street extending downwards to the right, only on the green. There is no turn on red.

When the motorists have a green light, they can go straight ahead or turn to their left; peds have a red light. When the cars have a red, peds have a green to cross in all directions, including diagonally. No diagonally crossing peds are shown in this picture, but I saw lots of them in the time it took to consume a beer and plate of nachos.

So how would Ottawa handle this situation? First, no diagonal crossing: pedestrian desire lines must be thwarted at all times. Second, can anyone image the all-ped-green vs all-car-green signal cycle in Ottawa? What is more likely here is that both motorists and pedestrians would have the same green light cycle for the alignment parallel the beach, and left turning vehicles would have to thread / bully their way through the crossing pedestrians. Then the cars would have a red light, while peds got a green one to cross (straight line now!) towards the beach. The resulting mixing of peds and cars and buses is unsafe. The solution used in Hawaii was simple and effective. Has anyone seen such signalling employed in Ottawa? in Ontario?