Coventry Active Transportation Bridge (part i)

I do occasionally get out of my WestSide stomping grounds. A recent trip took me to the near East Side where I had the opportunity to use the new Coventry ¬†bridge for people who walk and people who cycle, over the Queensway. It’s also useful to look at it in light of the similar proposed Queensview bridge. I took the transitway to the Tremblay Station (in the hole in front of VIA Rail Station). The formerly landscaped slopes around it have been clearcut for construction starting later this year of the realigned roadbed and new Confederation LRT Line station location … Continue reading Coventry Active Transportation Bridge (part i)

Qway Overpass Replacements, part ii, the (N)oTrain and Pathway

There is an enormous bridge structure just west of Preston, where the Queensway spans the OTrain cut. It is enormous because it spans not only the cut, but allows for a 2 – 4 lane freeway on each side of the cut, the defunct Champagne Freeway, that would have connected the airport parkway at Confederation Heights to the Fairy Lake Parkway in Gatineau. (*diagram below) A few years back the space on the east side was improved to make the OTrain multi user path. We had to dragoon the city into building it, and much to their surprise (but not … Continue reading Qway Overpass Replacements, part ii, the (N)oTrain and Pathway

Qway overpass replacement(s)

The current Queensway bridge through downtown and the west side were built in the early 1960’s. Shown in this pic is the pre-60’s ¬†Preston at the Queensway. Or as it was then, going under the Renfrew subdivision bridge in the foreground; and the Chaudiere subdivision bridge in the background, both belonging to CNR (original photo credit: Paul McGee). St Anthony Soccer Club Hall (a private meeting venue) is now on the right; to the left is currently a city parking lot. The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) wants to rebuild or replace the overpasses between Metcalfe in the east and … Continue reading Qway overpass replacement(s)