Sens Arena / LeBreton redevelopment update

Here is an update on some of the plans afoot to¬†build a new ¬†Senators hockey arena on LeBreton Flats. Some big sums of money are being spent right now, and plans for big buildings are being mooted. Recall that the NCC called for developers and planners to propose schemes for LeBreton Flats, I think only for the area WEST of Booth Street. The area EAST of Booth already has an approved plan and was awarded to Claridge and several buildings are up; Claridge is of course anxious to revise those plans for higher — much much higher — buildings. So … Continue reading Sens Arena / LeBreton redevelopment update

Why Not Ask First? We May Have Other Plans!

There’s a lot of hoopla in the mainstream media these days with everybody and their brother popping up with new plans for Lansdowne Park. The alternative plans tend to share some elements in common: The Glebe will get a big grassy and treed park. Someone else’s money will restore some older, architecturally significant buildings into marvellous wonders for the local neighborhood. Locals will wander in on bicycles and by foot to buy directly from the friendly farmer locally-grown no-downside produce. After that they can linger by Venetian canals sipping coffee from organically grown (in the shade) responsibility harvested 100 mile … Continue reading Why Not Ask First? We May Have Other Plans!