DOTT plans affect west side residents (viii): Tunney’s station

At Monday’s public open house, city planners will unveil the final system plans for the DOTT and LRT facilities to be constructed as the first phase of a city-wide sytem. The western terminus of the LRT will be at Tunney’s until the LRT is extended west. A major bus transit to LRT facility will be constructed at Tunney’s. The current bus station is in the cut immediately west of Holland Avenue. The new station will be in the same place. The earlier plans for a centre platform LRT station have been scrapped, to avoid having to widen the cut under … Continue reading DOTT plans affect west side residents (viii): Tunney’s station

Exercise and Drugs

While cycling home from the Parkdale Market the other day I tried to avoid both West Wellington and Scott due to the construction. This took me through the centre of Hintonburg, past a fireplace store. I came accross one guy on a bike, the other on roller blades. Cyclist had a pager. Roller blader: puff puff, “He wasn’t there.”Cyclist: “he must be, he just called five minutes ago” (holds up pager).Roller blader: “want me to go back?”Cyclist: “naw, gotta another call” (cites address).Blader skates off madly down another street.Cyclist: checks pager, heads west at a fast clip. Now what these … Continue reading Exercise and Drugs