Chinatown Mystery

This info from Capital Crime Writers about a workshop being held in Chinatown at Sushi 88, between Bronson and Cambridge. **Next Sunday’s workshop has limited enrollment, so if you are interested get your tickets soon! The The Dusty Owl Workshop Series Presents Bare Bones of Mystery Writing with Barbara Fradkin Sunday 29 November 2009 1pm to 4pm Sushi 88690 Somerset Street West, Ottawa $15 — tickets available at Sushi 88! For more information: This informal, interactive workshop will examine the enduring power of the mystery novel, in all its guises. There are four magical ingredients of writing crime fiction … Continue reading Chinatown Mystery

Writing Wrongs in Ottawa

Paul Dewar, MP, gives the welcoming remarks to the weekend conference of crime writers and wannabe’s held at the OPL. The CBC’s Alan Neal read the exerpts from Rick Mofina’s newest book “Vengeance Road”. For some reason, he selected paragraphs dealing with reporter proceedure. If I ever write a book, I’d get Alan Neal to read it aloud – what an excellent reader! Continue reading Writing Wrongs in Ottawa